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Pierangelo Campodonico

Pierangelo Campodonico became Master Mariner at the Nautical School “San Giorgio” in Genoa and in 1985 he graduated with full marks in Humanities at Genoa University.
After a short navigation period, he was employed by the Sperry Marine Systems, in 1988 he became the Director of Pegli Naval Museum, which owned Genoa’s full maritime collections, and he reopened it with a new setting in 1993. While planning a new setting for the Museum, his interest and studies in maritime heritage deepened.
In 1996, after a careful study of materials and settings, he opens the Pavilion of Sea and Navigation, a small but innovative museum inside the Magazzini del Cotone, developed by Renzo Piano. In 1998 he was appointed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as scientific director of the Italian Pavilion at Lisbon’s Expo, an area dedicated to the link between the Italian people and the sea. In the same year, the mayor employed him as Coordinator for the project that would lead to the creation of the Galata Sea and Migration Museum.
After five years, in 2004, the Galata opened, with a stunning exhibition, Liners, projected by Campodonico and the architect Pier Luigi Cerri. In December 2004 Pegli Naval Museum also reopened with a renewed setting. In July 2005, the Mayor appointed him as Director of the Institution Mu.MA – Maritime and Navigation Museums, which includes the Galata, Pegli Naval Museum, Castello d’Albertis and the Commenda di San Giovanni di Prè.
Over the years, his research and passion for maritime heritage, navigation and museums resulted in the publication of various catalogues and books.
He is a member of ICMM – International Council of Maritime Museum and member of the secretariat of AMMM – Association Museums Maritime of Mediterranean.
He graduated in Electrical Engineering and, from 2005, spent several years in ETT gaining experience in design and programming in the New Media and e-Government sectors. He has in-depth knowledge of technological tools such as interactive touch-screen interfaces, 3D reconstructions, complex web-based architectures, techniques of object-oriented software development, mobile and gaming technologies. He is currently coordinator of various New technology projects that will provide customers with innovative and easy to use installations, containing solid technological solutions and tailored to each exhibition using various interactive tools, 3D reconstructions, capacitive and proximity sensors, augmented reality applications etc. He participated in the implementation of various projects including the “Nazario Sauro” Multi touch Pre-show, permanent MEM - Memory and Migration exhibition and “Climb aboard the Galley” at Galata Sea and Migration Museum in Genoa, the Museum of Rome - Palazzo Braschi, the Museum System of Sestri Levante and Castiglione Chiavarese and the Museum of Natural History of Monticchio (Potenza), as well as e-Gov activities for the Italian Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.